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UK Lockpickers Colour Coded Slim Line Dual Gauge 31 Piece Lock Pick Set

UK Lockpickers Colour Coded Slim Line Dual Gauge 31 Piece Lock Pick Set

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Tension is the key to opening all locks !!! that's why we've included as many as we have picks

UK Lockpickers Slim Line  Colour Coded 31 Piece Lock Pick Set

This set comprises of 16 stainless steel lock picks with aluminium handles all steel design all the most popular profiles  

(Ten) 10 - 0.025 thick & 6 picks at 0.015 thick  we have divided this set up the by colour, this set is aimed at the beginner & the advanced lock picker & locksmiths alike  

Blue being the rapid entry rake selection 0.025 thick for strength for beginners reds are also for strength & the black are very thin at 0.015 thick  

Reds are our selection of hooks in 0.025 thick & the same again in black but at 0.015 thick, very thin & are great for those hard to reach places  

Blue rakes include 5 types 0.025 thick  

1 x Double peak

1 x Triple peak

1x 4 Peak Quad

1 x city or 'L' rake 

1 x Half diamond great for zipping & single pin picking 

Red hooks include 5 types at 0.025 thick

1 x Short hook 

1 x Short/shallow hook 

1 x Medium hook 

1 x Deep hook

1 x Off set diamond

Black hooks include 6 types at 0.015 thick very thin picks precise picking required these will bend if to heavy handed 

1 x short hook

1 x short/shallow hook

1 x medium hook 

1 x deep hook

1 x offset hook 

1 x over reach hook

Now we believe tension is the key to all locks this is why we have included 15 tension tools of various sizes of withs & lengths 

3 x small double ended tension tools of various thickness

3 x small tension tools with a twist

1 x small tapered tension tool 

2 x flat bars at 0.50 thick & 0.040 thick 

3 x medium size standard flat ( no twist for better feed back )

3 x extra long tension tool with a twist half way up the shaft ! these tools are for the more intermediate picker who picks locks for longer periods of time adding a twist half way up adds for comfort for longer picking periods but still gives ultra feedback  

All included in a leather Tri fold case 

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