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Gift Cards and Reward Points

Gift Cards

Give the gift of choice with a Uklockpickers Gift card!

  • - Redeemable online and can be used to pay for your total order or part of your order
  • - Valid for upto 12 months from the date of purchase
  • - Manage your gift cards in your customer account
  • - Check the status of a gift card code on the cart page, or checkout pages.


For the purchaser

  • - Specify a recipient name, emailaddress and gift message
  • - Recieve an email notification that the gift card was sent to the recipient.
  • - Choose from either £25, £50, £75 or £100


For the receiver

  • - Pay for your order by adding your gift card code on the cart or checkout pages
  • - Check the gift card code balance on the cart or checkout pages
  • - Pay for part of your order, or your full order based on the gift card balance (Can not be used for delivery fees)
  • - Add it to your customer account, which will allow you to specify how much of your gift card balance you would like to put towards your order.


Reward Points

Register an account with Uklockpickers and earn reward points to get money off on future purchases. Check the list of actions and activity below that will allow you to earn points. You must be logged in to earn points!

Each point is equal to 5 pence (£0.05) in value. Thats a 5% saving when you spend your points!

If you apply a discount coupon for your order, or use reward points to help pay for an order, you will not earn points for that order.

Uklockpickers reserve the right to cancel customer accounts, and remove any points earned if they try to abuse this feature.

  • - New account registration.

    Earn 25pts!

  • - Product purchases.

    Earn 1pt for every £1 spent

  • - Write product reviews

    Review our products and recieve 25pts per review. Only customers that have purchased a reviewed product can earn points. This also depends upon admin approval of the review.

  • - Share UKLP pages via Twitter(X) and Facebook

    Share our site pages and recieve 25pts. limited to one page share per day.

  • - Subscribe to our newsletter

    Subscribe and recieve 25pts.

  • - Share your purchased products

    Upon order success, on the success page you can share your ordered products and recieve 10pts per product.


      If you have any issues earning points, get in touch and we shall investigate.