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Serving the community since 2008...

We offer the largest collection of locks, picks, tools & media at very competitive prices for locksmiths and locksport enthusiasts. We only stock quality tools and accessories from respected manufacturers, with a 30 day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with your purchase.


Unrivalled advice and support

We answer all queries in a timely manner, usually within a couple of hours, but can be up to 8 during busy periods...so please bare with us durting these times, we WILL get back to you. Our extensive experiences and knowledge within the lock picking arena means you get the the very best help and advice. If we cant answer your query (which is unusual) then we know someone who can.

Actively involved in the community...

We have always played a major role in creating and supporting the locksport community, helping participants advance their knowledge and experience in this exciting and rewarding hobby that has grown and flourished over the last few years. Our facebook community has members from all over the world, sharing experiences, knowledge and providing advice that allows member skills to move forward quickly.


"I love you guys I watch all the videos I really need to get into your forum I think you are such a gentleman the way you talk the way you do the locks so professional real gent as well as your products are excellent deli..."

Mark owen

"Im a Românian firefighter work almost on extrication technics, and I am at an intermediate level in lockpicking. The product You send me its very high quality. The arrived Time of order very quickly,that îs very impor..."

Utiu Sorin

"Ok I purchased a set of ssdev (25thou) hooks from a well known website and one of the hooks was bent So thought when I wanted the set in 15 thou I’d try UKLP and received a great service (no bent picks) arrived in 3 d..."

Julian Ward

"Ordered pretty much all my gear from hear over the last 2 year never had any problems. All the gear is good high quality and has arrived quick. A big recommendation from me..."

Lewis Sanderson

"The delivery time was good to Northern Europe. The items arrived in good condition and the shopping experience was overall nice...."

Heta Lehtonen

"Great tool great quality good service a great site to buy from keep up the good work. :)..."

Dan Cobham