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Sparrows Ssdev Hooks - Bare Steel 0.025

Sparrows Ssdev Hooks - Bare Steel 0.025

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Developed With The Assistance of The SSDEV Community, Berlin


Developed with the Assistance of the SSDeV Community, Berlin Chapter Earlier in the year sparrows asked members of the Germany Lock picking Organization known as SSDEV what picks they wished to see added to the SPARROWS Lock Pick line up. Not much later they came up with a set of three special hook picks That us here at Uklockpickers have a great pleasure of supplying to the UK public ONLY AVAILABLE IN THE UK FROM UKLOCKPICKERS

These are ideal for deep access picking and mix of side pin picking and work especially well in narrow keyways. These picks are unique and are not available in any of our other sets. It is a very special set.

The design of these picks is to be universal for both European and North American Locks.

 SSDEV has an open invitation to people who wish to learn lock picking. Visit their blog if you want to drop in on a meeting http://blog.ssdev.org/

If you do a bit of searching you will find out that SSDEV is very well respected for their techniques, dedication and rankings at all lockpicking competitions.

This set should be an expansion to your existing picks

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Pick Thickness 0.025
Handle Type Bare Metal
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