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Sparrows SHANK

Sparrows Shank

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Quickly Opens a Large Variety of Everyday Locks including most Filing Cabinets and Tool Chests

THE SHANK The Sparrows SHANK quickly opens a large variety of everyday locks including most Filing Cabinets and Tool Chests!

When used properly the SHANK will open the lock within seconds without any damage. Simply insert the Sparrows SHANK through the key way and wiggle while turning the knife releasing the locking pawl and opening the lock.

The Sparrows Shank works on the following models and many more File Cabinets & Tool Chests Hon Waterloo Hudson Stanley S&G Yale Chicago 6842 Craftsman Eagle Husky Fraim Padlocks Slaymaker Hercules Ludell, Master 77 Sargent 752HS & 753HS Taylor 781 padlocks.

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