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Euro & Dimple 2-1 Cutaway Cylinder

Re Pinnable Euro & Dimple 2-1 Cutaway Cylinder

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Re Pinnable Euro-&-Dimple-2-1-Cutaway-Cylinder
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Cutaway Training Cylinder 

Re-Pinnable 2-1 Six Pin Cutaway Training Cylinder Euro & Dimple 

This lock literally has two sides

The new combo training cylinder for both beginners and professionals looking to learn the art of lock picking.

Made with precision craftsmanship and high-quality materials, this practice lock is designed to simulate the inner workings of a Euro cylinder lock, providing you with a clear view of the lock’s pins and mechanisms.

The cutaway design of this practice lock allows you to see exactly how the pins move and interact with the key as you attempt to pick the lock.

This visual feedback is essential for developing your lock picking skills and gaining a better understanding of how locks work.

We have included a selection of anti pick spool & serrated pins as well as spare springs & grubs screws allen key provided

Re-pinning the practice lock is easy easy: Simply loosen the grub screws with the provided allen key and replace the springs and pins. After that, simply screw the grub screws back in and your new challenge with your training lock is ready.

Start with just one or two pins then as you advance work your way up to 6 pins swapping them over for anti pick pins to make picking the lock even more difficult 

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Brand Uklockpickers
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