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Disc Detainer Spare Wire X 5

Disc Detainer Pick Spare Wire X 5

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Make your own custom disc detainer wires

Disc detainer pick spare wire, Do it yourself !

Ejector pins are famous for lock-pickers who prefer to make there own disc detainer pick wires.

The majority of disc detainer picks only come with one tip which isn't suitable for all locks, the more high security locks thinner the tip needs to be, cheap Chinese disc detainer locks require a slightly thicker tip 

Making your own wires to suit other locks is essential for a successful opening not all locks have the same spacing & the majority of locks are different, give yourself a better chance by making more wires



With abit of sanding you can produce wires like these in the pictures below 

These wire was made by Gavin who was generous enough to share them with us in our lock picking group on facebook 

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