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Sparrows Tuxedo Royale

Sparrows Tuxedo Royale

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Thinner stock of 0.015 steel

Tuxedo Royale

It's been a pretty common practice for thinner picks to be promoted as "European picks". The reality is they are just as handy on North American locks and sparrows standard .025 picks have been well tested and proven in Europe for years.

This set is primarily made from a thinner stock of .015 steel - Metric system in Europe .38mm steel With a mix of hooks and rakes based off the Classic Tuxedo this set covers both fast entry and single pin picking in an EDC format.

Picks Included

1 x Euro Hook .015

1 x Triple Peak .015

1 x City Rake .015

1 x Snake Rake .015

1 x Half Diamond .015

1 x Offset Hybrid .015

1 x Short Hook .020

The Wrench set consists of 2 styles of wrenches in 3 different widths for a total of 6 different wrenches.

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