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Sparrows Gridlock Wafer Lock Practice

Sparrows Gridlock Wafer Lock Practice

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Sparrows Gridlock Wafer Lock Practice
Progressive Wafer Locks

Sparrows Gridlock

There is a reason as to why a coat hanger is the tool of choice for most Automobile lockouts. Picking a standard 10 wafer Automotive lock is a Huge challenge.

Most often it is achieved by being stubborn with a pinch of luck and a dash of skill.

The Gridlock set lets you develop that skill by working through three automotive locks of ever increasing difficulty. Building from a 3 to a 6 to a full 10 wafer Automotive lock will allow you to develop the skill for picking wafers.

Wafer picking is an entirely different skill set when compared to pin tumbler picking. A standard pin tumbler key is cut just along the top to lift the pins up into place letting you open the lock.

A wafer lock key is cut on the top and bottom, this then moves the wafers Up and Down positioning them for the lock to open.

Learning to manipulate and rock those wafers into position is a skill comes with 3 progressive wafer locks and an automotive tension wrench specific to applying tension to wafer locks.

The locks are solid aluminum and perfect in scale to a classic car lock.

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