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Sparrows Monstrum For Beginners

Sparrows Monstrum For Beginners

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Consists of Ten Exotic Picks, Five Classic Picks, Four Flat Bar Wrenches & More

Monstrum for beginers


In addition to all the picks from the standard MONSTRUM this set includes

5 classic picks that all lock pickers need: Short hook, Twin Peak, Euro Hook, Snake Rake, and a Triple Peak. Also added is a collection of Tension wrenches of varying widths.

The Sparrows MONSTRUM for Beginners consists of ten Exotic picks, five Classic picks, four Flat bar wrenches, 12 Standard tension wrenches, and 4 Flat bar wrenches all wrapped in a Limited edition KRYPTEK TYPHON Camouflage Case.

All picks are highly polished and come with thromo plastic handles each designed for unique single pin picking or raking.

No Doubles, No Garbage.



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