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Sparrows Sandman Octo & Warlock

Sparrows Sandman Octo & Warlock

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sandman octo & warlock
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The Sandman is a wide handled Laser engraved Raking pick. It works in a very similar action to the twin or triple peak rake. Its used in a fast skipping action under the pins but their is nothing wrong with using it as a rocker.It design allows for it to be reversible.

The Single Peak Side is designed for High/Low pinning. These locks often also have two pins that are also close.

Example 2,7,9,4,3,2, The 2,7 being the high/low and the 4,3 being the similar

The Octo Rake When you first see this pick you will think it is just a beast but it is really surprising just how may locks this big pick can open. Even though it is called a rake the action is more like a rocker pick.The pick stays in the lock while you angle it to hit the pins and scrub the pins open.

The Octo rake is Laser engraved and made out of .025 steel - You can even rock it upside down

The Warlock Originally developed for pin tumblers the warlock also is very adept at rocking wafer locks. The profile is similar to the highs and low cut of traditional keys letting use it for both raking and try outs. Made out of .025 and coated with a UV print.

Do not abuse the WARLOCK - the UV print can scratch - Once it is scratch a curse is placed upon your family. Consider yourself properly warned. Store the Warlock in its own section of your Case. Warlocks are durable but do not play well with others.

Design Notes: The original concept for the Warlock came from a submission by Scott Barrette of Niagara Falls. Relatively new to lock picking but handy with a file Scott sent us a few photos of his "Lock Eater". With a few tweaks and a considerable amount of testing the Warlock was the final result of this collaboration. Art work by Sparrows.

Sandman octo & warlock 

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Pick Thickness 0.025
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