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Lishi Lock Pick Yale 6 pin

Lishi Style Yale 6B Pin Euro Lock Pick & Decoder

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Probably the most universal lishi pick on the market


Lishi Style Yale 6B Pin Euro Lock Pick & Decoder, For Locks With The Pins On The Bottom 

The Yale 6B is proofing to be the most sought after lishi pick EVER ! 

Not only will this lishi pick & decode yale locks but will also pick & decode a vast majority of euro locks making this pick VERY VERY universal indeed.

Our team & GxAxV who is a well known locksmith & lock sporter have been putting these new Yale picks to the test over the last few weeks and between us we have opened tons on locks. 

If you purchase one of our lishi picks please email us with lock brands you are able to pick and decode yourself so we can add it to our list, we would be very grateful to hear of your success.

Here is a list of what we have had success opening so far 

Numerous Unbranded Euro's 

standard carl F 

Yale padlocks

standard yale 

standard versa 

standard gridlock

standard ERA

standard UAP 

standard securfast

standard intolocks

standard Greenteq (Q)

Asec Vital

British Standard Yale 

British Standard Sterling 

British standard Euro Spec MP6X

Zoo MK5

1 Star Greenteq (Q)

1 star carl F 

1 star Yale

1 star ERA 

1 star UAP

1 star V5

3 star UAP Kinetica

3 star BKS

3 star gridlock


On the downside out of all the locks we have opened between us we have found Yale euro's to be the most difficult ! but not impossible

Again these new lishi picks are in huge demand so please bare with us if we run out of stock as delivery may be delayed 




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