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UK Lockpickers Cutaway ERA 5 Pin Rim Cylinder

UK Lockpickers Cutaway ERA 5 Pin Rim Cylinder

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Great Learning Aid See The Pins Move

Re-pinnable Practice 5 Pin Rim Cylinder Practice Lock

This is a 5 Pin, Re-Pinnable Rim cylinder lock, fitted with 5 standard plain pins

 Also come with 5 extra security pins 1 x serrated 4 x spool to allow you to re-pin the lock in any pin combination & DIFFICULTY that you choose. 

The easiest way to learn how to pick a lock is to start with a lock that only has one or two pin stacks in the cylinder. After you have picked a one or two pin cylinder a few times you can quickly progress to more pin stacks.

Attempting to pick a lock for the first time with full cylinder is possible but learning will progress much faster with fewer pins

This is an ideal lock to have in your collection, as it allows you to start with one plain pin, then you can add the pins as you develop your skills. When you have mastered the art of opening the lock with the standard pins, you can then start re-pinning the lock with the security anti pick pins allen wrench included 

There is also 72 piece Re-pinning set avaible for this Practice lock to make things even more challenging 

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