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18 Piece Dimple Lock Pick Set

18 Piece Dimple Lock Pick Set

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18 piece dimple lock pick set
Complete Dimple lock pick set

18 Piece Dimple Lock Picks + Matador picks


This pick set allows the picking of dimple pin tumbler(  pin in pin ) mul T Lock, Kaba ect & non pin in pin Lock systems


In order to distinguish the different picks the handles are marked with rings On the Gold Matador picks


Dimple picks are coloured blue you get two single pin picks & two Rakes - There are also 4 more dimple picks coloured gold two rakes & two picks for (spp) single pin picking +  Two x paddle dimple picks

To complete the set there are two tension tools included in a zip up case


This is an advanced lockpicking set & for the more experianced lock sport enthusiast








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